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Property ownership

Property Ownership in Costa Rica

In Costa Rica there are generally no restrictions for foreigners or foreign entities purchasing property as the Costa Rican constitution grants foreigners the same rights as property owners that nationals have. Therefore, you can purchase fee simple, fully titled property with the same property ownership rights as you have in North America. The exception is […]

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Need to Sell My House

What if I Need to Sell My Home Now?

Every day, people have a need to buy and sell homes. That doesn’t stop during the current pandemic. If you’ve had a major life change recently, whether with your job or your family situation, you may be in a position where you need to sell your home. While you probably feel like timing with the current […]

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Real Estate Agent

How to Find the Perfect Real Estate Agent

There’s a ton of real estate information available in the news today and on the Internet. It can be extremely confusing, especially in times of uncertainty like we’re facing right now. How do you find the perfect real estate agent? If you’re thinking of buying or selling this year, you need an agent who can […]

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Los Laureles


Los Laureles in San Rafael de Escazu is an exclusive neighborhood, also known as Embassy Row.  Here, you will find the homes of the US Ambasador, the Mexican Ambassador, and the Canadian Ambassador – among others. Los Laureles is fast becoming one of the most popular places for both expats and affluent Ticos.  It has easy access […]

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Bosques de Lindora


Bosques de Lindora was the first, exclusive gated community in Santa Ana and it continues to set the standards for all condominium living. Families have it at their top of the list when they are looking for an exclusive and tranquil setting to live in. Located in Santa Ana, within the heart of the financial and commercial sector.  As […]

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