Santa Ana


Santa Ana, San Jose – just south of what is known as the “Golden Mile” and neighboring Escazu to the west.  Both areas are very similar in terms of amenities and communities, and also carry differences worth talking about.

It’s been said that Santa Ana was home to the first Spanish settlement in Costa Rica’s Central Valley. Today it is among the most modern, wealthy and cosmopolitan neighborhoods in Costa Rica, including high-end shopping malls, fine restaurants, a newly open Country Club and a championship golf course.

Santa Ana is a bit warmer than Escazu due to the fact that is has less mountain breeze.  It is also closer to the International Airport and slightly closer to the coast.  First-class office parks have been growing as well, including Forum, Forum II, Lindora Park, etc.

One of the highlights about Santa Ana is that it still retains it agricultural and rural background, unfortunately due to the residential and commercial growth it is also losing it at a very fast pace.

Santa Ana is a great place to live.  It’s outside of San Jose, but not too far, close to the airport and 90 minutes from the beach.  It is warmer than San Jose and/or Escazu, but not as hot nor humid as the coast.  You will still find lots of green spaces, nature abounds.  Pueblo charm can still be felt, with its own farmers market on Sundays, lots of activities and always live music on the streets.  In few words Santa Ana offers a perfect balance between work, family, security and health.

Most important, Santa Ana, also has some of the most prized real estate in Costa Rica.  With just over 60 square kilometers, and its centralized location between San Jose and the coast is a big incentive for residents and investors.

Residential communities include Bosques de Lindora, La Hacienda, Hacienda Lindora, Villa Real, Valle del Sol, Puerta de Hierro, Montaña del Sol, Flats 21, Inedit, among many others.  Santa Ana is experiencing continued growth with the construction of residential, commercial and health projects.

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