FOR SALE Coffee Plantation and Cattle Fields in the Orosi Valley



FOR SALE Coffee Plantation and Cattle Fields in the Orosi Valley.


* 93 hectares 6735 sqm (936,735 sum) – (231.47 acres)


* Located in a tourist zone with a housing boom in growth and in full development of the town.

* It has an effective front of 909.44 meters in front of paved street of two lanes of the National Route # 224, between the cities of Orosi and Cachi.

* The entire 909.44 meters stretch in front of the Cachi Lake or Reventazon hydroelectric dam, property of the Costa Rican Electricity Institute, generating a panoramic view of the lake and the picturesque and well-known Orosi valley. It has the advantage that the farm in all its front is ascending gradually in terraces towards the mountain, generating each time it goes up, better panoramic views with a touristic potential and natural topography of terraces.

Current Use of the Land:

* Coffee plantations

* Cattle * Primary Forest

* Access roads

* Area of ​​growth, renovation and expansion of coffee Coffee Plantations

* It has an approximate 265,000 bushes of Caturra coffee, with an average density of 7165 bushes per hectare.

*These have an interspersed shade of 400 fruit orange trees of the variety Valencia and Poro trees.

Infrastructure and Access to Services

  • Plantation Home – Casa Mandador
  • Coffee in fruit warehouse for a capacity of 50 fanegas
  • Agrochemical warehouse
  • Paths with drains and good bed of stone and ballast, all in good conditions to reach the different working areas
  • There are drains throughout the farm
  • Three springs of drinking water
  • Manager offices
  • Garage for two agricultural vehicles
  • Equipped with two 220 volt connections
  • On the west side the public pipeline reaches the farm
  • Plantel with 8 bedrooms to house coffee pickers during harvesting season, equipped with three bathrooms, dining room with tables and concrete benches, and three kitchens


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