Mountain Home in Las Nubes Coronado



Casa Las Nubes is a project that since its inception was very interesting, because it raised a mountain house that was to contemplate a contemporary design. Originally the house was planned as an investment project which was going to be built and sold, however, the clients when visiting the property fell in love with the place and decided to use it as their main residence.

The house, as mentioned, was transformed and changed from being a normal room house to becoming a personal Resort. It contemplates very interesting spaces: it has its own movie theater, a bar that includes a pool table and karaoke, steam bath, sauna bath, Jacuzzi, it became a place not to leave.

There are very interesting spaces, the house revolves around the living / dining room, which has a double height, inside that there is a stone wall that becomes a sculptural element, a monolithic element of great strength that accentuates the verticality in a space that tends to be very horizontal. There are other spaces that were designed with love and detail, because they are very important spaces. The cinema, for example, not only contemplated the acoustics but also the environments of warmth, such as the use of wood, the work with rugs, the armchairs that were used. The same detail was used in all the spaces that the house has.

The Cloud of Coronado is a very cold climate, but it was possible to exploit nature and look for transitional spaces such as terraces and balconies that allow weathering and the same home. Additionally, we wanted to make the house as warm as possible with the use of wood, details on the doors, handrails, chimneys in the living room and the main room.

Casa Las Nubes adjoins lush green protected areas, which guarantees privacy. The land of the house is of flat topography, at road level, with regular form, access facing the street, concrete sidewalk and a front of 20 meters. In the main entrance gate is electric and also has a fully equipped security booth.

House with two floors that has a living / dining room, living room / stay, six bedrooms with bathroom, six bathrooms and three half bathrooms, laundry area, drying and service. Garage for 4 vehicles under roof and other 4 uncovered. It also has a cinema and television room, four terraces, two fireplaces, service room and cellars.

The lighting system is intelligent. The main room includes: jacuzzi, fireplace, terrace, shower and walk-in closet. Social areas include:

* BBQ area

* Equipped Gym

* Jacuzzi for 5 people

* Sauna bath

* Steam bath

* Lobby Bar Karaoke

* Pool’s room

* Cinema room with 9 seats

* Closed circuit cameras

* Video and sound system integrated in the 8 zones of the house

* Large fully equipped kitchen, with dual power and gas, pantry and cava

In addition the house has the best elements and first class decorative finishes:

* Fine finishes and precious woods

* It has an electric plant, a telephone exchange with 10 extensions, an alarm system and a closed circuit, internet access, a water collection tank and a hydro-pneumatic pump.

* Server room.

* Intelligent lighting system

* Dual hot water system

* emergency lighting system

Certainly a house built with all the love and detail. This house is going to sell fast. Do not miss the opportunity.

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