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It is a farm located in San Andrés de Bananito Sur; the access is by public street in ballast in good conditions at the beginning, however, as it enters the gate of the farm it is necessary to cross and maneuver through the riverbed, which makes the entrance uncertain during the rainy months. This because given the characteristics of the area that are very steep mountains in such short spaces the river has the particularity that fills very fast.

It is undulating and broken topography with ascending and descending slopes ranging from 4% to approximately 60%; under current conditions, the greatest and best use is agriculture and / or forestry exploitation.

This makes it difficult to enter pedestrians, animals for livestock, inputs and finished product in the case of agricultural exploitation.

There is the possibility of entering the property pedestrically and with a vehicle, however it is worth mentioning the need to adapt the access roads, however, it is a project that currently, due to the condition, causes the financial cost to be high.

Given this and taking into account the characteristics of the area and the farm itself, it is relatively accessible for forest exploitation with the limitation of having to access by rivers; At the date of inspection, there is natural primary forest in some sectors and other sections with plantations of approximately 20 years old.

These plantations seem to lack management plans due to the size and diameters of existing individuals.

It was possible to observe Robles, Chancho, Pilón and Laurel, as well as a bit of Teak, which can add about 8 hectares of the entire farm, clarifying again that in appearance with absence of management plan.

The fences are alive in almost all the boundaries of the property, it is noted that the maintenance is occasional and within the same because there are lanes of “round” wide and in good condition.

Based on the surface characteristics of the terrain in appearance, a suitable soil for the practice of forest exploitation is observed. There is a possibility that drainage problems may arise in the property but there are situations of risk of landslide, although minor, but there are some vestiges of what occurred in a very recent moment.

Contemplating the location of the land, both pedestrian and vehicular traffic and the profitability of possible projects, it is determined that the best use is forestry exploitation.

The farm is located in the mountainous sector of Limón district and is also in the Payments for Environmental Services (PSA) program of FONAFIFO.

The property is located a few minutes from the town of San Andrés, which is basically adjacent to the Central Caribbean Beaches. The vehicular access to the South Caribbean Beaches is relatively good throughout the year.

The plantation and forest extraction is allowed as long as all the laws and regulations of the country are complied with.

Thinking about using the farm to capture carbon and being able to carry out a management in this regard, it is interesting to know the capacity of the same to carry out a program, this for any company that has the need in this regard.
Despite being in the mountainous sector, the center of Limón Cantón and Provincia is also located a few minutes by car. There it is possible to find all kinds of commerce and services.

It does not present potential flood risks, geological faults, volcanoes and / or landslides, according to the Natural Hazards Map of the National Commission for Risk Prevention and Emergency Response and endorsed by the Municipality of Limón.

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