Beachfront Concession Property in Playa Linda



Beachfront Concession Property in Playa Linda located in a prime Prime Southern Zone of Costa Rica with year around sunsets.
Experience the charm of one of the most elite and safe NEW neighborhoods in PLAYA LINDA.
Be front row to year around sunsets across the Pacific Ocean while gazing at wild life all around you.
This amazing parcel is perfectly positioned from row to the best views and breezes.
It provides the utmost privacy, while also maximizing the awe-inspiring panoramic ocean views beyond.
Dont miss the chance to build your dream hotel along this incredible stretch of Costa Rican Riviera coastline. The property is very private and with great access from the Costanera highway and is part of the new masterplan of the Quepos area. The property allows un to 14 meters in height, 60% density, and up to 200 hotel rooms.

What is a concession?

Many people dream of owning a piece of beachfront land in paradise, but then get very confused once they start hearing about the concession process involved in such properties.  A concession can be a safe, secure means of having beachfront property in Costa Rica.  Without a doubt the concession properties are the most desirable of all because they are the beachfront. Transfers or leases on these properties are subject to specific legal rules.

In the Concession area, all beach properties are located in what is known as the Maritime Zone, a 200 meter strip starting from the average high tide line. The ZMT (Zona Maritima) is divided into a 50 meters strip closest to the shore know as public zone, and the remaining 150 meters that can be applied for concession in the corresponding Municipality.

Having a concession means the owner has a lease with the Costa Rica government for a specific period of time. The lease period is usually 20 years, and multiple lease terms can be acquired. So long as the concessionaire pays the annual dues on the concession and doesn’t violate the terms of the concession (by respecting green zones, building according to the rules of the concession, etc) the property is secure and the government must renew the concession for another 20 year period. Concession properties will have zoning restrictions outlined in Regulatory Plans called a “Plano Regulador” here in Costa Rica.

Concession land is the most valuable type of land in Costa Rica because it’s either beachfront or very near the beach. Thousands of wealthy foreigners have assessed the risks with their attorneys and have chosen to purchase this type of land. This type of ownership is also common in Hawaii, where it’s called “Lease Hold” land.



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