Alturas de Miravalles – 1275 Ha




Alturas de Miravalles Background

  • Farm

Miravalles (1275 Ha) / (3150.59 acres)

  • Climate

         Altitude: 500 to 600 meters above sea level

Atlantic Influence

  • Historic Farm Activities

Macadamia Plantation and processing

Heart of Palm Plantation

Pejibaye Plantation

Highland Banana Plantations

Cattle Ranching

Cocoa Plantations

Current Operations

  • Farm

Cattle Ranching

  • Operations

Brahman-Simmental cattle

Meat growing operation

Natural pasture land

Animal tracing management

Best Practices / Animal welfare conduct

Approximately 550 heads of cattle

Horse Breeding

  • Forest Conservation – FONAFIFO

211 Ha (521 acres) under management

  • Grass Varieties

Ischaemun ciliare-ratana

Brizantha Toledo

Brachiaria Arrecta (taner)

African Star

Geographic Location


Farm Layout

Farm Locations

Farm Attributes

  • Agricultural Activities: multiple micro-climates

Cattle – Organic, grass grown.  National demonstration farm.  Environmental best practices in place.

Dairy Cattle Activities – Ideal climate and soil for milk production.

Heart of Palm Plantation – Meticulous species selection

Reforestation – Reforestation Program

Cacao Plantation – Cacao (in the past it was a local crop)

  • Natural Attributes:




Rivers and waterfalls

Scenic beauty: landscape – Upala lowlands, Nicaragua Lake, volcanoes, and islands

Renewable energy projects in the area (geothermic, eolic, hydraulic)

Hydroelectric potential


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