40 ha Property in Cahuita Limon



Cahuita Hills is a 40-hectare farm located in the town of Bordón, 7 km from Route 36 and 10 km from the tourist community of Cahuita, in the southern coastal strip of the province of Limón, in the Southern Costa Rican Caribbean. The property is located in a very quiet area, between beautiful mountains, 150 meters above sea level, with temperatures much cooler than at sea level and with a spectacular view of the mountains of the Cordillera de Talamanca, canton to which all this sector of the province belongs and where we find the best beaches of the Costa Rican Caribbean.

The farm has a coverage of 75% of tropical rain forest own Caribbean area, this allows to have a lush vegetation and a vast network of streams and creeks that allows a very suitable habitat for the presence of a great biodiversity, which is of priority importance for the success of this property whether for Livestock, Agriculture or Real Estate Development.

Cahuita Hills is one of the few properties with property title available in the area and is selling at a price of $ 3 per square meter.  The property has three buildings, a main house that integrates nature into the interior, a bungalow for guests and a house for the caretaker.

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