Why Costa Rica Amazing coast line

Why Costa Rica?

Why Costa Rica? The happiest country in the world awaits When Christopher Columbus landed on an island off Limón in 1502, he reportedly named this land Costa Rica (“Rich Coast”) because of the gold jewelry worn by the natives who greeted him. But the Spanish never found the source of this gold, and they largely […]

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5 Fun Things About San Jose

Looking into real estate in Costa Rica is an appealing idea for a lot of fairly obvious reasons. It’s a beautiful country with friendly people and all kinds of natural attractions. These lure people from abroad for long vacations, retirement, and even regular permanent residence. Interestingly though, the capital city of San Jose doesn’t tend […]

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10 Compelling Reasons to Follow Your Dreams to Costa Rica

Costa Rica’s “Pura Vida” entices many to leave it all behind Paul Reimer’s story is typical when speaking to expats who now call Costa Rica home. Like so many others, the xx year old optometrist from northeastern Kansas fell in love with Costa Rica’s pristine natural beauty and opted to leave the rat race for […]

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The road to Costa Rica living: Self-build or turnkey? The turnkey option wasn’t available to Paul Reimer when he left Kansas and fell in love with Costa Rica’s southwest Pacific coast. It was a time before companies like Axiom Development Group unfolded master plans for residential projects in the region. Instead, Reimer purchased some land […]

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Why Costa Rica’s big picture is catching the attention of big and small investors In a post economic-crisis world, jittery investors have been viewing traditional markets and investment opportunities with a very cautious eye, with many avoiding the domestic real estate market in the United States altogether. However, in a rapidly evolving world, new markets […]

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